About Us

Founded in 2002, Private Wealth Group, LLC (”PWG”) provides investment management and consulting services to institutional and high net worth clients across the United States and abroad.


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Our Philosophy

Capital markets are dynamic. Their constant evolution brings new risks and new opportunities, challenging traditional investment approaches. While buy-and-hold strategies may work over the long term, many investors are unable to withstand the substantial interim losses that may occur.


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Changing Markets. Dynamic Investing.

The continual evolution of capital markets brings new risks and new opportunities. We employ dynamic investment strategies that respond to varying market environments – seeking to grow wealth during favorable conditions, while proactively responding to market risks.

Our Team

Proprietary Strategies

Our proprietary strategies are designed to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns over complete market cycles with a focus on reducing peak-to-trough downside volatility.

 Intelligent Equity™ 

Developed and exclusively offered by PWG, Intelligent Equity™ is a proprietary strategy designed to participate in strong equity market uptrends while avoiding downtrends that have the potential to produce catastrophic losses.

Dynamic Fixed Income 

Developed and exclusively offered by PWG, Dynamic Fixed Income is a proprietary strategy that allocates portfolio assets tactically across the fixed income market. The strategy is designed to provide attractive benchmark-relative returns over full market cycles, while attempting to avoid the potential downside associated with an extended rising-rate environment.


Multi-Advisor Portfolios

Applying Expertise To Reach Portfolio Objectives
The creation of robust multi-advisor portfolios combines the arts of investment manager research and portfolio construction.


Alternative Investments

PWG offers a select group of best-of-breed alternative investment managers to qualified clients.

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Custom Portfolios

Recognizing that the needs of each investor are unique, PWG creates custom multi-advisor portfolios for our clients.

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